Launching the digital face of Australia’s Nation Brand


Australian Government via Apparent


UX & UI Design
Digital Design


When we speak to the world with one voice, our voice becomes stronger. That is the key message behind the reinvigoration of Australia’s Nation Brand. As part of this multi-year strategy and building on the brand platform, we worked under lead digital agency Apparent to deliver a website to inspire and inform users about how to use the new Nation Brand.

As a key starting point for many adopters of Australia’s Nation Brand, it was important that the website tell the story of the brand’s inception – founded in its rich, indigenous heritage. We used beautiful hero imagery of Australia showcasing People, Place and Product to sell the brand and this progressive nation to the world.

As a secondary goal, the website is an important driver towards Australia’s Nation Brand Toolkit. This hub is an access point for users to download Nation Brand assets that they can use in their own comms to sell Australia and their businesses to the world.