Art direction and brand system for a prestigious Sydney school


Art Direction
Brand Design


One of Sydney’s most prestigious Jewish schools, Moriah College, has embarked on an ambitious capital campaign called Rise Up. They are looking to upgrade their high school campus to build a better future for their children and the wider community. Studio Launch was tasked with crafting the art direction and branding for this platform, which will be live for years to come.

Rise Up campaign hero art direction

In order to build a better future, we need a strong foundation from which to Rise Up. Every department, person and building at Moriah are the foundation and building blocks for a student’s success. These building blocks form the basis of our art direction and supportive design system.

Rise Up campaign secondary design system "building blocks"

Each building block directly correlates to one of the new campus initiatives. From Canopy, representing the doubling of tree coverage in the school grounds, to Inclusion, representing improved accessibility and useability on campus to meet the needs of all students and staff, 
our building blocks are a valuable, versatile and meaningful addition to the brand system.

An animated gif showing different adcepts for the Rise Up campaign
A still image showing art direction adcept for the Rise Up campaign

After launching the platform, we created a set of user-friendly campaign guidelines as well as a toolkit for asset deployment. We’ve been tasked with creating presentation decks and brochures for major sponsors, and this is just the beginning.

Rise Up campaign identity guidelines
A mockup showing a bus stop advertisement for the Rise Up campaign
A mockup showing tote bags for the Rise Up campaign
A mockup showing a hoarding art direction concept for the Rise Up campaign