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With over 30 years in the industry, Principles Agency have been building unforgettable brands longer than most. But being around for so long meant it was time for an image-change. In 2020, Principles 2.0 was launched with a slick, clean, monochrome look that lets the work they do speak for itself.

We began with a comprehensive review of the user experience on the existing site. Case studies were lacking and this was identified as a key area where content-rich articles can drive real user engagement and interest with prospective new customers. The site also needed to funnel users quickly and clearly into making contact with action-driven language and clear CTAs.

The agency wanted to let their work speak for itself, so we pared back the branding, opting for a cleaner, monochrome approach. Black and white are hero colours, with pops of bright pink to draw the eye in interactive elements and brand patterns. Large hero statements are used for key brand messages, stating loud and proud exactly what ‘principles’ Principles stand for.



Combined increase in traffic and pageviews from all key search engines


An increase in average product information downloads per month